Covered Bridge blogs

Wisconsin's Covered Bridge in
Cedarburg.  (dwm photo)
At one time, covered bridges were built so folks nearby could stay dry crossing a river or get across a ravine with less difficulty.

Most covered bridges are gone.  Those remaining are landmarks which open a window into life a long time ago.

Indiana has 90 - some covered bridges standing; many still in use after renovation and reconstruction.

Wisconsin has 1.

Here's a collection of my Covered Bridge blogs:

First blog with a bridge hints there would be a lot more to come, but it was almost five years before I started featuring each Indiana covered bridge.

Wisconsin's only 'real' covered bridge is in Cedarburg (photo, right).  There are some others, smaller versions or new, which I don't count.

Ceylon Covered Bridge is in Adams County, Indiana.  Since Adams came first alphabetically, the Indiana bridge series starts there.

Brownsville Covered Bridge is in Bartholomew County.  The second bridge on our covered journey.

This may be the best name ever for a Covered Bridge, Bean Blossom in Brown County. Number 3.

The Ramp Covered Bridge is the other side of Nashville in Brown County, #4.

The 5th bridge in the series is in Carroll County, the lengthy Adams Mill Covered Bridge.

We stay in Carroll County for number six, the Lancaster Covered Bridge.

Next up, Dearborn County for a beautifully preserved Covered Bridge, the Guilford.

Westport Covered Bridge
The Westport Bridge spans Sand Creek with quiet dignity in Decatur County.

#9 in our count-up of Indiana Covered Bridges checks out the Spencerville Bridge in DeKalb County.

I'm thankful Indiana communities saved their covered bridges like the Longwood Bridge.

Indiana's oldest surviving covered bridge is out of operation but standing proud - Cades Mill.

When we visited the Rob Roy Covered Bridge, it was still in operation. #12 on our bridge countdown.

Another bridge whose best days are in the past - the Wallace Bridge in Fountain County.

It was the most unusual Covered Bridge in Indiana - the Aqueduct Covered Bridge.

The Seal Covered Bridge sits on private land, seemingly forgotten and slowly fading along with its paint into the landscape.

Franklin County is home to several bridges.  The Snow Hill Bridge is right off a fairly busy country road not fat off I-74 near the Ohio State line.

The Stockheughter covered bridge has to be the most difficult to spell and spans a beautiful stream.

The 18th bridge in my Indiana countdown is Old Red in Gibson County.
Cumberland Covered Bridge

When you want to 'collect' covered bridges see the Wheeling Bridge when in Gibson County

Every year the Cumberland Covered Bridge in Grant County throws a party.

Back in service, the Richland Plummer Creek Bridge continues to work.

This bridge moved farther from home than most of the folks who used to drive across it.  The Cedar Chapel bridge now resides at a museum.

Potter's Covered Bridge is the last original bridge still standing in Hamilton County.

After a break for Thanksgiving, the Indiana Covered Bridge series continues at the Vermont Covered Bridge in Kokomo, Indiana.

The United States' longest covered bridge is in Jackson County, Indiana, the Medora.

The James Covered Bridge
In Jennings County - the James Covered Bridge is a beauty in hiding.

The Scipio Covered Bridge offers an unusual name near the tiny Jennings County village.

The Crown Point Bridge spent its first 50 years more than a hundred miles away before moving to northwest Indiana during the Great Depression.

The Williams Covered Bridge in Lawrence County is in a beautiful setting.  I saw it just before it was spruced up.

The newest bridge on the list, built in 2008 on the grounds of the Indiana State Fair.

The Trader's Point Covered Bridge is hidden on private land and hard to find during three seasons of the year.

It's not often the bridge is upstaged on its own soil, but the Cataract Bridge is just upstream from the Cataract Falls in Owen County.

Jackson Covered Bridge is 1 of 31 in Parke County.
dwm photo
Parke County, Indiana

Crooks Covered Bridge  The first of thirty-one bridges in Parke County, the second oldest in the state.

Portland Mills is the second oldest covered bridge in Parke County.  But it moved from the mill to a new location.

Jackson Covered Bridge includes a political message, but is known today for its beauty.

Mansfield Covered Bridge is the centerpiece for three large community celebrations.

Mecca Covered Bridge has an interesting name and offered an opportunity for an unusual photo.