Bridges of Indiana's Counties - #6 Carroll Co. - Lancaster

Lancaster Bridge over Wildcat Creek
dwm photo
Bridges are like babies.  No matter how many you have, there is always at least one unique and loveable feature about each one.

The Lancaster covered bridge near Owasco immediately looks different than the others.

It sits on a metal frame.  When I saw it, my conclusion was the frame had something to do with its restoration.

All these years later, by re-reading a photo I took of a monument near the bridge, I discovered the metal substructure is as old as the bridge.

Lancaster Bridge, 10/15/2011
dwm photo
Patented by Adolphus Wheelock in 1870, who built the bridge here in 1872, it features cast iron abutments into the shore and iron to span the river.

Time took its toll and a 2003 flood nearly destroyed it, but like most of these bridges, love, passion, and hard-work restored it.

Unlike my #5 bridge, Adams Mill, there weren't many options to take Lancaster's picture.  A steep shoreline and private property limited options.
Carroll Co
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The two are Carroll County's only surviving covered bridges and next to the Wabash - Erie Canal (built in 1840 until it shut down in 1870) are two more reasons to discover this picturesque county.

Bring your camera.

Lancaster Covered Bridge
Built: 1872
Style: Howe Truss
Length: 133 feet across Wildcat Creek

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