Bridges of Indiana's Counties - #2, Bartholomew Co. - Brownsville

New Brownsville Bridge, Columbus, IN
dwm photo
In the quest for Indiana's covered bridges, it became a game of hide and sneak at times.

Some bridges moved from their original location.

Frequently the moves were a flight to a safe haven.

Anybody who has moved knows something is always left behind in the trip.

The Brownsville Bridge (Brownsville, IN) left Union County in 1986 for Bartholomew County and a place of honor in the county seat's Mill Race Park.

Indiana's only
Long Truss Bridge
dwm photo
In addition to leaving one county for another, in the reconstruction it was shortened from 102 feet to 85.

A few years later it was rehabilitated and is available to car traffic of park visitors.

It's better than falling to demolition, but not much.

At least it still spans water, a branch of the Driftwood River.

Each time I found one of these historic structures in a park, it made me a little sad.  They reminded me of a majestic creature humbled and removed from its natural habitat.

The park placed bridge strains the imagination to see and hear the clip-clop of horse hooves and wagon wheels for the trip from farm to market.
Bartholomew County
in yellow, Internet image

It is still beautiful and elegant, but don't let it be the only covered bridge you visit.

And while in Columbus, save time for a visit to Zaharakos Ice Cream Parlor.  It features the original marble counter and calliope.

Bridge Facts:
New Brownsville Bridge
Built: 1840 (Orig.) Moved 1986 and refurbished 1991
Style: Long Truss
Length: 93 feet

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