Bridges of Indiana's Counties - # 9 - DeKalb Co. - Spencerville

Spencerville Covered Bridge  10/15/2011 (dwm photo)
The trip to Spencerville to visit and shoot its bridge was a long one.

DeKalb County is almost as far as you can travel into the northeast corner of Indiana and not end up in Ohio or Michigan.

I wish I kept a record of the order we visited all the bridges, because it would be nice to see all these years later.

I'm sure Spencerville was one of the last ones to check off the list.  We started our visits in places where we could see several in one day and still drive home.

By the time we drove to northeast Indiana, much of the drive was devoted to getting to Spencerville and the St. Joseph River.
Built in 1873 over the St. Joseph River.  (dwm)

I didn't expect to see such a large and high bridge. Even better was walking around at bridge height and below, down in the river valley to get different view points.

Many years before, the river valley was likely lined with trees.  It had to be a welcome sight for farmers since the next easy crossing for a horse-drawn wagon was miles away.  Even today, we should appreciate the bridges which make our trips easy.

Joining the east and west banks of the river is job one.  The beauty and presence it delivers is all a bonus.

A pretty October day.  (dwm)
The bridge remains in use.  Thankfully it is one of many covered bridges still open to traffic - just go slow and take in the experience.

If covered bridges are your thing, include Spencerville on your 'been there, took the picture list,' to let other busy bridgers know you are serious about this hobby.

Bridge on!
DeKalb County
top left
(internet image)

Bridge Facts:

Spencerville Covered Bridge
Built:  1873
Style:  Howe Truss
Length:  160 feet over the St. Joseph River

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