Westport Covered Bridge, Indiana
    I'll soon be yielding a semi-regular blog I posted related to my position at Lutheran High School of Indianapolis and since I found the process to be a great opportunity to share and pontificate (from time to time) - this seemed like a good time to launch 'my own' blog.
    Oh yeah, my wife has one (make that, three) as well - so can't let her have all the fun.
     I'll probably share some pretty stupid stuff from time - and you can be the judge of that - and other times choose to share some things that are going on, or thoughts on places or things that were recently experienced.
    One adventure over the past five years in Indiana was tracking down and photographing each of 92 Covered Bridges still standing here.   Parke and Putnam County have the most and those are fairly easy to locate - some, especially those on private property, proved to be more of a challenge.
      The Westport Covered Bridge is an old bridge that's been renovated so cars can continue to use it.  
      The Rolling Stone Bridge used as my profile picture is a hidden gem.  The timing was coincidental, but the way the light streamed through the planks of the bridge wall I found to be quite, well, 'illuminating.'
      So that's one more thing to warn you about - I do like the occasional pun.
      More coming soon - thanks for reading!