Bridges of Indiana's Counties - #1, Adams Co. - Ceylon

Ceylon Covered Bridge, Adams County, IN
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When we lived in the Hoosier state, I received a digital camera.  The question came up, what could I shoot?

Well, Indiana has lots of covered bridges. Nearly 100 of them.

They don't move fast and are willing to hold their position for as many poses as I might require.

A Used Book Store yielded an almanac with a list of 91 bridges and their location.

The Bridge quest began...

Ceylon Bridge 10/12/2011
dwm photo
I started my quest in the middle of most of them, but we'll get to those later; for this blog journey past the Bridges of Indiana's Counties we start in Adams County.

The first thing I recall about the Ceylon Bridge is it what was one of the last ones I photographed.  For some reason, I couldn't find it when shooting other bridges in the northeast part of Indiana and had to make a special trip.

A drive after work trying to get there before the sun set.  It was 107 miles away.

The Ceylon Bridge is the last one spanning the Wabash River.  It is a quite monument now, open only to pedestrians as today's traffic rushes past across a newer concrete bridge north of Geneva, Indiana not far off highway 27.

The cover is to protect the bridge base and structure from the elements, not to keep horses calm as they crossed rivers and valleys.

Adams County
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Without the cover, elements could destroy a bridge within a decade.  The roof and walls could extend that life times ten!

Traffic, technology, and an ever increasing pace of life put them out of business even faster.

Each bridge has a story and its own look; you can find other covered bridge blogs by looking for the "Covered Bridges" label on the home page.

Bridge Facts:
Ceylon Bridge
Built - 1879
Style - Howe Truss
Length - 126 feet over the Wabash River

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