Bridges of Indiana's Counties - Franklin Co - #15 Seal

The mostly dry Big Cedar Creek under the Seal Bridge.
9/5/2011 dwm photo
The Seal Covered Bridge is known in some places as the Big Cedar Covered Bridge.

Beyond that, there just isn't much to know.

It sits on private property.  Thankfully it is next to a public road, so I could take pictures and check it off my list of Indiana Covered Bridges.

It was listed in the guide I used, "Indiana Covered Bridge Location Guide," in the back with five other historic bridges moved to private property.

 I found all but one during my bridge hunt.

The Seal Bridge, even in 2011, was at the end of its life.
Seal Bridge - Franklin County  (dwm)

The paint was gone.  Washed and weathered to the original boards.  The creek was dried down to assorted ponds of water over the rocky creek bed.

It created a photo out of time.  A decaying relic in any age.

According to the Bridge Hunter, a barn the Seal Bridge was connected to collapsed.

At some point, it looked to me as if it served as a barn or storage building for the farm across the road.

Seal Bridge near the end of its run. 9/5/2011  
By this time, it may be lost to history.

It isn't on the Wikipedia page listing Indiana's Covered Bridges.

If its gone, or still hanging by a nail, I'm thankful I was able to record it along with rest of Hoosier Covered Bridges.

Thinking back to that afternoon, I scrambled over rocks downstream looking for an angle for a good shot.

Did the bridge spend its working life here, or was it bought and moved to the farm decades ago?

Franklin County
Internet image
When did it stop handling traffic, and is it still standing?

Questions - then and now about a decrepit bridge.

Bridge Facts:
Seal or Big Cedar Covered Bridge
Built:  1905
Length: 64 feet over Big Cedar Creek
Style: Q Post Truss

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