Bridges of Indiana's Counties - #3, Brown Co. - Bean Blossom

Bean Blossom Covered Bridge
Near Nashville, Brown County
dwm photo
In our trip through Indiana's Counties alphabetically, Brown is the first county with two standing bridges.

Bean Blossom Covered Bridge, according to a county tourism website has been photographed and painted more than any other covered bridge in the state.

I don't know how you go about proving anything like that, but it makes some sense.  Brown County is home to Nashville (no, not that Nashville), which is a lovely community which attracts tourists from far and wide.

When it comes to taking pictures of bridges, it helps if the bridge is attractive and in a pretty setting.

Even more important are the access points and ability to move around the bridge to get different sight lines and angles for the pictures.

The Bean Blossom bridge is old and wears its age well.

When you drive up, you first see it peaking out from behind trees lining the narrow road.

Bean Blossom Creek & Bridge
6/24/2011   dwm photo
From downstream, it could have been 1911 or 2011 from where I was looking.

Most roads which still have working covered bridges are quiet with not much traffic.

Jumps in the amount of traffic are what put most of these vintage bridges out of business in the first place.

Brown Co in orange
Internet image
For old bridges to remain standing takes tender love and care from local officials and dedicated individuals determined to preserve working pieces of history.

I'd say it's worth the effort, and is a good reason to hit the road in search of these little wooden gems.

Bridge Facts:
Bean Blossom Bridge
Built: 1880
Style: Howe Single Through Truss
Length: 60 feet over Bean Blossom Creek

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