My Covered Bridge Collection

Wisconsin's Covered Bridge in
Cedarburg.  (dwm photo)
This blog is about more than covered bridges, but those picturesque structures are a big part of it.

My First blog with a bridge hints more would follow, but it wasn't until 2017 that they became a regular feature.

Indiana has 91.  Wisconsin has 1.  And that was going to be it, until I stumbled across one historic bridge in Minnesota, then found a few in Michigan and Illinois.

They are beautiful and unique.  They are living pieces of history and art that helped our ancestors get us over water.

You are invited to follow the links to see the bridges I've visited and come along to check them out.


Cedarburg, is Wisconsin's only 'real' covered bridge (at right).


There is only one remaining historic covered bridge in the state in Zumbrota.

Bridges of Indiana's Counties:

Adams County  Ceylon Covered Bridge   Adams comes first alphabetically, the Indiana bridge series starts there.

Bartholomew County  Brownsville Covered Bridge

Brown County  Bean Blossom   The Ramp Covered Bridge

Carroll County   Adams Mill Covered Bridge.    Lancaster Covered Bridge.

Dearborn County, Indiana    Guilford Covered Bridge

Westport Covered Bridge
Decatur County  Westport Covered Bridge (left)

DeKalb County  Spencerville Bridge

Fayette County  Longwood Covered Bridge.

Fountain County
Cades Mill Covered Bridge   Rob Roy Covered Bridge
Wallace Covered Bridge

Franklin County, Indiana  Aqueduct Covered Bridge   Seal Covered Bridge
Snow Hill Bridge      The Stockheughter Covered Bridge

Gibson County, Indiana  Old Red Covered Bridge     Wheeling Covered Bridge

Cumberland Covered Bridge
Grant County     Cumberland Covered Bridge (right)

Green County   Richland Plummer Creek Bridge

Hamilton County, Indiana 
The Cedar Chapel Covered Bridge    Potter's Covered Bridge

Howard County   Vermont Covered Bridge

Jackson County  
The United States' longest covered bridge, the Medora Covered Bridge   Shieldstown Covered Bridge

The James Covered Bridge
Jennings County, Indiana  
The James Covered Bridge (below left)   Scipio Covered Bridge

Lake County  The Crown Point Bridge

Lawrence County
Williams Covered Bridge

Marion County  Indiana State Fair Covered Bridge
Trader's Point Covered Bridge

Owen County  the Cataract Covered Bridge

Jackson Covered Bridge is 1 of 31 in Parke County.
dwm photo
Parke County, Indiana has 31 bridges shown from oldest to newest

Crooks Covered Bridge  The first of thirty-one bridges in Parke County, the second oldest in the state.

Portland Mills  (2/31)

Jackson Covered Bridge (right)  3/31

Mansfield Covered Bridge   4/31

Mecca Covered Bridge   5/31

The West Union Bridge   6/31

Narrows Covered Bridge.  7/31

Sim Smith Bridge   8/31

Billie Creek Covered Bridge.  9/31

Melcher Covered Bridge  10/31

Leatherwood Station Covered Bridge   11/31

Big Rocky Fork Covered Bridge   12/31

Neet Covered Bridge 13/31

Rush Creek Covered Bridge 14/31

Beeson Covered Bridge 15/31

Catlin Covered Bridge 16/31

Conley's Ford Covered Bridge 17/31

Mill Creek Covered Bridge 18/31

Harry Evans Covered Bridge 19/31

Wilkins Mill Covered Bridge 20/31

Zacke Cox Covered Bridge (21/31)