Bridges of Indiana's Counties - #4 Brown Co - Ramp

Ramp Creek Bridge, oldest covered bridge in state
dwm photo
In visiting Indiana's covered bridges, unless you do some research some things seem a bit off.

The Ramp Creek Bridge, for example, stands across Salt Creek in Brown County.

It originally was built over Ramp Creek in 1838 in Putnam County (stick with this series and you will be relieved to know Putnam County still has lots of covered bridges).

In 1932, road construction threatened the bridge, and it was moved to Brown County.

The Ramp Creek Bridge marks the entrance to the Brown County State Park outside Nashville.

Two lane traffic on this bridge
dwm photo
As you drive up, it doesn't look like the oldest covered bridge in the state.  It's a two lane bridge, which is unusual, there are only 4 in the country.

Its condition is a big reason it stands and is used everyday. Regular maintenance and tender loving care allows it to pass the test of time.

Maybe because it looks so well maintained and is in a prominent location, it didn't impress me like many other bridges.  It doesn't share the rustic beauty of the Bean Blossom, but that's OK.

Ramp Creek Bridge over Salt Creek
dwm photo
The Ramp Creek bridge is a work horse, built for work horses.

Judging from a distance, though, I could see it in a different light.

Wending my way downstream along the creek, I wanted to get a different perspective.  Then there it was.

Partially hid by several trees, the dark red siding fit right in to the landscape.

It's a grand old bridge, wearing its age very lightly.

Brown County
Internet Image
Ramp Creek Bridge
Built: 1838
Style:  Double Burr Arch
Length: 96 feet across Salt Creek

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