Lighthouse Visits

North Point Lighthouse, Milwaukee  dwm photo
Wisconsin Lighthouses

Cana Island
Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin  Blog - 8/6/2013

Peninsula Point Lighthouse
Fish Creek, Wisconsin Blog - 6/3/2016

Plum Island
Door County, Wisconsin Blog - 6/4/2016

Baileys Range Lights
Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin Blog - 6/8/2016

North Point
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Blog - 5/23/2017

Wind Point Lighthouse
Wind Point (outside Racine) Wisconsin - 7/30/2017

Part 1 - Three Lake Winnebago lights
The lights on Winnebago's east coast - 6/30/2017

Part 2 - Lake Winnebago Lights
Lights on the west side of Lake Winnebago - 7/1/2017

Racine North Breakwater Light
There isn't a lot to look at, but the old metal light has a story - 8/12/2017

Kenosha North Pier Light
It's a light.  It's a gallery.  Out of commission and helping artists earn theirs - 9/12/2017

Kenosha Lighthouse
Before it was Kenosha, it was Southport.  This lighthouse goes back a long way - 9/17/2017

Milwaukee Harbor Pierhead Light
My first lighthouse photos in winter began in Milwaukee.  2/11/2018

Milwaukee Breakwater
It's a formidable structure, it had to be to withstand the storms.  2/17/2018

Kevich Lighthouse
How cool would it be to live in a lighthouse for your home?  2/25/2018

Port Washington Light Station and Pier light
Slowly making it up the Wisconsin coast of Lake Michigan with this stop in Port Washington. 3/4/2018

Indiana Lighthouse
Michigan City Lighthouses
Indiana's part of Michigan has a beautiful light - 10/14/2017

Michigan Lighthouses
Big Sable Lighthouse
Just north of Ludington, Michigan in Ludington State Park - 10/8/2017

The St. Joseph Lighthouse and range lights.  dwm photo
St Joseph and New Buffalo Michigan Lighthouses
Heading north from Indiana along Lake Michigan - 10/21/2017

South Haven and Holland Harbor
Iconic dark red candles light Michigan's west coast - 10/28/2017

Grand Haven and Muskegon
Two more dark red lights.  One under renovations as it stands undisturbed - 11/4/2017

White River and Ludington North Pierhead
Two very different lights.  White River's light looks like it grew out of a house while Ludington's light stands tall on the lake - 11/11/2017

Little Sable
The natural brick creates a striking image as the light stands alone, the house torn down years ago - 11/18/2017

Point Betsie and Robert H. Manning
A very impressive old school brick house light and a memorial light in this week's light feature.  11/25/17

Manistee North and McGulpin's Point
The last couple of Lake Michigan lights on the trip up the state's west coast before we get to Mackinaw.  12/2/2017

Old Mackinac Point
It stands guard on the south edge of the Straits of Mackinac, resting from years of work guiding ships safely through the straits. 12/9/2017

Round Island Lighthouse
St. Helena and Round Island Lights
I didn't get very close to either light, maybe 2 miles from St. Helena, but both are pretty even at a distance.  12/16/2017

Seul Choix 
The light is as pretty as its name, which means only choice in French.  It lights a very dark stretch of Lake Michigan shore line.  12/23/2017

Manistique East Breakwater Light & Sand Point
Manistique's shore still has remnants of its industrial peak more than 100 years ago.  The Sand Point light was replaced early in its life, but kept shipping lanes safe for iron ore out of Escanaba.

Point Peninsula and Menomonie Lights
The Point light is all that's left from the house which burned decades ago.  It offers a great look over Lake Michigan.  In Menomonie, Michigan just across the state line from Wisconsin stands a light in the midst of refurbishing.

This light is new, built to attract tourists, now it stands in St. Ignace where it lights the way for boats and snowmobiles.

Cheboygan (Four lights)
The Cheboygan Crib Light, Range Light, Poe Reef, and Fourteen Foot Shoal lights are all gathered on Lake Huron in the delightful community of Cheboygan.

Kalamazoo (Replica) Lighthouse
It's a faithful re-creation of a lighthouse destroyed decades before, now it stands guard over a lake near vintage boats.

Charlevoix Lighthouse
It's a fairly short, a dramatic reddish orange stub of a candle on the water.

Mission Point Lighthouse
The Mission Point lighthouse sits at the end of a long finger of land jutting into the West Grand Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan.

Grand Traverse Lighthouse
Grand Traverse's light sits across a bay from Mission Point - it sits regally near the shore with a keeper's house that looks ready for action.

Frankfort North Breakwater Light
No fancy name for this light which holds its place while battered by waves and all kinds of weather.