North Point Lighthouse, Milwaukee  dwm photo
Cana Island
Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin  Blog - 8/6/2013

Peninsula Point Lighthouse
Fish Creek, Wisconsin Blog - 6/3/2016

Plum Island
Door County, Wisconsin Blog - 6/4/2016

Baileys Range Lights
Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin Blog - 6/8/2016

North Point
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Blog - 5/23/2017

Wind Point Lighthouse
Wind Point (outside Racine) Wisconsin - 7/30/2017

Part 1 - Three Lake Winnebago lights
The lights on Winnebago's east coast - 6/30/2017

Part 2 - Lake Winnebago Lights
Lights on the west side of Lake Winnebago - 7/1/2017

Racine North Breakwater Light
There isn't a lot to look at, but the old metal light has a story - 8/12/2017

Kenosha North Pier Light
It's a light.  It's a gallery.  Out of commission and helping artists earn theirs - 9/12/2017

Kenosha Lighthouse
Before it was Kenosha, it was Southport.  This lighthouse goes back a long way - 9/17/2017

Big Sable Lighthouse
Just north of Ludington, Michigan in Ludington State Park - 10/8/2017