NEW - Mozzy's Breakfast List

One of the joys in life is a good meal - whether it's a fancy dinner, hearty lunch, or filling breakfast to fill the tank - those meals and the places I've enjoyed them are on of my favorite blog topics.

I'll confess that my tastes run more to pastries, french toast, pancakes, and bacon than fancy omelets.

And, a Mt. Dew, Hot Chocolate, or Chocolate Milk is going to capture my attention a lot quicker than the finest coffee in the world.

So, this is no Michelin guide... think of it as a Firestone guide, I guess.

Places for Breakfast:  Since January 1, 2016

Norske Nook in Osseo was one of our favorite places when we lived up north; now there is one in nearby DeForest.

MariGold's is a classic breakfast spot just off Capitol Square in downtown Madison.

An unexpected hole in the wall place in downtown is now one of my favorites - Koffee Kup Kafe in Stoughton.

Cheese Curds.  Walleye.  A great view of the Capitol.  Get there early and bring somc cash along to one of the best restaurants in the city, The Old Fashioned.

Crema Cafe feels like a Madison breakfast spot - stand in line, place an order, and find a place to sit - then prepare to be amazed.

Try Rosie's Bakery in Monona for either a pastry or full breakfast.

Verona has a great breakfast spot now that Gus's Diner opened its doors.