Light the Way to Racine

Racine North Breakwater
Lighthouse (dwm photo)
The Racine North Breakwater Lighthouse shines in bright sunlight, proclaiming its presence to anyone in or out of the harbor.

It's inactive, retired in 1987.

It started protecting boats, their crew, and passengers 86 years earlier.

Around 1930 it was moved to its current location.

But from two different viewpoints, I didn't know what lighthouse was before me.

The first stop on my map was the Racine Harbor Root River Lighthouse.  But, the stubby red one seemed to be in the right place, so I took a number of pictures before driving to the second stop.

This stop had an even better view point, so I took more pictures, then gazed toward the lake in search of the North Breakwater light.

Racine Breakwater Light
July 15, 17 (dwm)
There was a small one on the horizon, so I took some photos.  When I reviewed them later I compared them against photos online and realized my mistake.

Apparently, I parked in front of the Racine Harbor Light, got out of the car and concentrated on the lighthouse in the upper photo.  I got back in the car, satisfied I had it and moved on.

So, it will bug me for a while until I get back to Racine and look around after reclaiming my former parking place

Especially with the sun shining, it takes the look of a birthday candle.  It kind of is, as the folks of Racine use it as a symbol of the city.

Look closely at the lower left, it is the Wind Point Lighthouse. (dwm)
When the light was turned off for the last time, citizens rallied to save the light from demolition.

Silently it stands by as pleasure boats go in and out of the downtown marina or head up the Root River.

While it originally guided ships to shore.  Now it is one of the attractions for residents and tourists to visit in a revitalized downtown.