Brewer Gut Check

Bernie Brewer is still
looking up.  (dwm)
 As I write this, the morning after Milwaukee's fifth straight loss; it seems clear we will soon learn what makes up the essence of our favorite group of nine.  (The streak reached 6 losses, for the second time this season, before an extra inning win last night.)

Was the first-half plus of the season - first place in the National League Central, winning more than losing - a fluke?

Are other replacements impersonating Braun, Thames, and Shaw of earlier this year?

As many coaches and managers say, "you are what your record says you are."

The Brewer scoring threat dies
on base v Twins 8-10.  (dwm)
Before Opening Day 2017, most Brewer fans were right where I was; hoping the team played hard and represented themselves, the state, and their fans properly.

Mission accomplished and then some.  But the record says something else now.

Just a month ago, I left Miller Park after a convincing win over Philadelphia in the team's first game after the All-Star break.

Then somebody stole the Brewer's bats.  Runs became scarce. Reliable gloves came up short.

Flying the flag for a
home run. (dwm)
Was it a team breakdown or were the results primarily because the opponents were just better?  A bit of both, I suspect.

In any case, Milwaukee has just 19 home games left (including this afternoon - 8/13/2017),  24 on the road, so the time to pull out of the skid is now.

The Polish Sausage wins
the 4th race we've
seen this year.
8/ 10/17 (dwm)
The Brewers are fun to watch.  The players act like they love to play and demonstrate Big League talent. Down in the Minors there are players promising brighter days ahead for Milwaukee and its faithful.

So far, most of the ride was bump-free.  It's been bumpy lately and I'm curious to watch and cheer as this team tries to steer out of it.

I hope things turn-around and this team finds its way into the play-offs, but I'll count the season a success with a record within 5 wins of 82 by the time it's over.

Fun is on the field.  Our next step, as fans and the team, is to add some more W's.  Go Brewers!