Knee High!

Field corn
Memorial Day weekend 2017 (dwm)
It's knee-high.  The corn.

You know, as in "knee high by the...."

I went back to the field where I took the photo (below) and sure enough, the corn was well over my knees.

My thought is back when the saying started, there were fewer corn seed varieties, and not the same level of sophistication when it comes to seeds and land preparation.

 Same field, same spot as top photo
July 3, 2017 dwm photo
Just thinking back to fifty years ago, there was a lot more uncertainty in the farming game.

Of course, there is still a lot of unpredictability involved with life on the farm - weather and commodity prices perhaps the most important.

But, at least these days - corn being knee high by the fourth of July feels like a slam dunk.  Maybe it should be "Waist high!"