In Concert - Harry Potter

Before the show - Overture Center, Madison
6/25/2017  dwm photo
Thankfully, the "in concert" of Harry Potter didn't involve the musical styling of Hermoine, Ron, Harry, Snape, and Dumbledore.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone looked the same on the silver screen, but the soundtrack was played live by the Madison Symphony Orchestra.

It's a special experience and one growing in popularity.  This one was produced by CineConcerts using Madison based professional musicians who play for the Symphony.

Conductor Nicholas Buc took the rostrum and said this wasn't a normal concert - cheering, booing, crying - was encouraged.

Madison was a good place for a movie with live-performance soundtrack.  When we bought tickets it was for the only show, a Sunday matinee.  It sold out and two Saturday performances were added. Not bad for a movie released in 2001.

Judging from our seats in the second row of the packed third balcony, at least 80 musicians were onstage.  The music began moments before the Warner Brothers logo lit up the screen and played until the final credits played.

Intermission gave the musicians a short break during the 2 and a half hour film.  They deserved it.
Unlike studio musicians recording the soundtrack, the Symphony played almost constantly throughout the movie.

This was my first experience with live music and a movie.  The Godfather, It's a Wonderful Life, and even Back to the Future have already been repackaged this way.

It dresses up a day or night at the movies - if only for the price of admission - tickets started at $38!

I'll give it a thumbs-up, but my return trip would be to see a movie higher on my list of top films.

The idea isn't going away any time soon... the second of eight Harry Potter in Concert movies - "...and the Chamber of Secrets" comes to Madison next summer.