Go Brewers!

Ryan Braun's swing = 4 runs.
Grand Slam! 7/14/2017            dwm photo
When your team produces results above and beyond expectations, it creates hope and excitement.

Milwaukee's Brewers are hope-makers.  Hope the team's rebuild efforts reap early rewards and hope for more fun to come.

Just a year ago, 91 games into the season the Brew Crew had 52 losses.  This year, 50 and 41.

The surprising success and a good promotion reuniting the team's only League Championship team, packed the park Friday.

Long lines to get in; to grab a pizza; and use the facilities were abuzz of Brewer fans happily discussing the possibilities for this year and the future.

Braun (facing cam), Villar
Davies, and Thames
celebrate.  (dwm)
There is a lot to like.  The team is young, many in their first major league season.

This was my third game this year in person.  The first two produced victories.  The 1982 reunion promotion offered the first 20,000 fans in the door a replica Paul Molitor #4 jersey (the reason there were lines waiting to get in), one of the nicest give-away items I've received.

Philadelphia went up two runs before Milwaukee recorded an out. It was a bad start, but this team has been able to score all season, so the mood in the building was hopeful.

In the home half of the second inning, that hope was rewarded. They got their first hit and the batter scored.  There were two men on base when phenom Orlando Arcia came to the plate.  A swing later, it was 4 - 2 Brewers.

The next three batters, including starting pitcher Zach Davies, loaded the bases for veteran Ryan Braun.  He slugged the first ball he saw into the Batters Eye in dead center.  It was his 6th Grand Slam, the most by any player in Brewer history.

The crowd exploded.  Eight runs scored in the inning!

Bernie Brewer flies the flag!
It was an affirming way to start the second half of the season, getting 10 games above .500.

After Friday's win, the 51 - 41 record meant there were 70 left.  The nearest team in the division trailed by 5.5 games.

Depending on last night's contests, it might be back to a 5 and a 1/2 game lead or narrow to 4 and a 1/2.  This is pretty heady stuff for this exciting team and their excited fans, including this one.

Go Brewers!