Danger! Yellow Flowers

Yellow Parsnip looks pretty - but HURTS
dwm photo
From a distance, the light shade of yellow is inviting, drawing one into its glow of warmth.

But if its the Wild Parsnip - you won't bask near the flower - you might be burned!

If plant juices contact the skin in the presence of sunlight, phytophotodermatitis occurs.

Which means a chemical reaction making skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light.

Symptoms include burning, itching, and large blisters which occur over time.

Invasive Yellow Parsnip in a marsh.
dwm photo
Problems develop within 24 hours of exposure and can peak 48 - 72 hours after contact.

So keep your distance.

It's possible to avoid the reaction if you stay out of the sun after contact, but just inside may not be good enough.

A doctor visit is generally necessary.

It is very common, I've seen it lining rural roads, tempting bike riders to reach out and touch as they ride past.  Do not touch!