Bridges of Indiana's Counties - #7 Dearborn Co. - Guilford

Guilford Covered Bridge over East Tanners Creek.
dwm photo
The Guilford Covered Bridge is beautiful as it sits in park-like setting.

Which is one of the downsides, too.  It sits in a county park spanning a very nice, but very small branch of East Tanners Creek.

Saving a bridge in a park is preferred to tearing one down, but as the quest for Indiana's bridges went on, my heart always raced a bit when it crossed a rambling river; babbling brook; or cascading stream.

The Guilford bridge was on nearby Yorkridge Road before it was moved to the park in 1960. It was refurbished in 1998.

The Indiana Kennedys built
nearly 60 bridges.   (dwm)
Under the peak of the bridge's roof is an imprint.  It reads, "A.M. Kennedy & Sons 1879 Builders."

It became a familiar name.  According to the Indiana Crossings website, the Kennedy family is credited with building at least 58 covered bridges.  All but one in the Hoosier State.

Three generations bridged gaps and rivers from 1870 to 1918.

Their preferred design, Burr Arch Truss was used most often because of its ability to handle heavy loads.  One astonishing number on the page was the cost to build one in 1914, around $13,000!

Interior view, Guilford Bridge.  (dwm)
That's equal to $313,861 now.

My memory of bridge photos back on June 24, 2011 was it being one of 6 to 10 bridges on the map and it came near the end of the day.

Just 15 or 20 minutes of shooting, then back in the car and on the road to the next bridge in southeastern Indiana.

Dearborn County
Internet image
I think some days are more memorable than others, so it is with bridges.

Learning, six years later the bridge is actually over a creek comes as a surprise, because the day I visited, there wasn't any water.  I concluded it the creek bed installed for appearances.  Either way, as bridges in parks go - this one was well-placed in Covered Bridge County Park.

Bridge Facts:
Guilford Covered Bridge
Built:  1879
Style: Burr Arch
Length: 104 feet

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