First Blog - July 21, 2012
Five years later, it hasn't gone viral.

Heck, it hasn't caught a cold!

What this blog does have is you.  Thank you for reading!

On this day in 2012 - the first of what, so far, is more than 1,000 posts of "They used to Call Me Pointdexter" - appeared.

Strangely enough, in that first blog I talked about all the photos I took of Indiana's Covered Bridges and promised blogs about them.  Five years later, that promised series featured it's 6th bridge.

More than 1,580 posts have appeared in this space in the last five years and some of you - bless you - have read them all.  Thank you!  It's because you keep coming back to this web address to read and/or check-out the content, that I keep writing and thinking what next to write.

Just three blog posts have registered more than 100 page-views and at the top is The Wright Stuff, my blog about riding the Bombay Bicycle Club's "Wright Stuff Century" last summer.  The oldest post still in the top 10 was published March 4, 2015 called Teachers and Leaders - about the grade school I attended and the influence the teachers had on my life.

In this great-big world, most readers are from the United States - which makes sense.  Somewhat a surprise is Russia at #2.  I've read about some reasons for that, but without the ability to research the actual reasons, I'll just celebrate the readership from friends there, spasibo.

France - je vous remercie, South Korea - gomawo, and Germany - danke; round out the top five.

Portugal, Malaysia, Poland, Brazil, and the United Kingdom are the rest of the top ten.  And obrigado, terima kasih, dziekuje ci, obrigado, and thanks - I appreciate it!

The most read page on the site is a list of Breakfast spots.  The Life on the Farm blog series written and published in 2014 comes in second.  I recently moved around the page line-up and added new ones to collect the Covered Bridges and Lighthouse blogs.

From 2013 to 2016, I published once a day.  Now its four times a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday) with bonus blogs when there is more to write.

I'm glad you are taking time to read this.  I hope you might leave a comment sometime.  In five years, I've seen fewer than five comments!

And I hope you might "follow me" by clicking on Posts or Comments on the right side of the homepage, "Click here so you don't miss a post" or follow me on Google+.

Thank you - here's the deal... you keep reading, I'll keep writing.

By the way, those Indiana Covered Bridge blogs I mentioned earlier.... next Thursday will be #7 of 92.

Your blogger,