Baseball's Half-time

Bernie wonders about the second half
(dwm photo)
After our first Milwaukee Brewer game this year, which the Crew won in the bottom of the ninth inning; I wrote about the game and what I expected from the 2017 season.

50 - 41 wasn't on my radar.

And first place in the National League Central Division?  Not in my wildest dreams.

Yet, here they are.

I've observed:
  • A fun team that likes playing together
  • A team which rebounds after tough losses
  • A team which has avoided a long losing streak
  • Better than expected starting pitching
  • Young players growing and improving
  • A couple free agents (Thames and Shaw) doing well
  • An excellent General Manager and Manager on the field
My forecast was for an improving team as the season progressed and 70 wins.

Just three months later, it appears 91 games into a 162 game season the Brewers may have a higher ceiling than most expected.

Will it include a run to the play-offs?  I'm not sure about that, but will enjoy the ride with the Brew Crew.