Ride on Memory Lane

Ice Age Trail, Verona, WI
dwm photo
I've resumed "piloting" a rickshaw to give older adults a ride and feel the wind in their hair.

This last time, it was non-stop rides for 3 hours, each circuit a leisurely mile over 20 minutes.

"I love this."

"WHEEEEEEE!"  (usually said when going downhill)

"I don't want to stop."

"When can we do this again?"

On the long list of things in life most of take for granted - the ability and opportunity to get out and about.

We went past beautiful gardens, fountains, and through the preserve - sites out of view for folks who can't get out often.

The smiles and the stories were wonderful.  One talked about riding everywhere, but didn't give rides on her handlebars because her mom told her it was a bad idea.  I agreed and said I never did that either, plus I wasn't sure I could keep my balance.

At one point, five passengers waited patiently for their turn as another got in the seat for a trip up, around, down, and through campus.  A long wait for them was a short time for the rider who returned with a broad smile, wind-mussed hair, and a ride through memories.

I liked the ladies who loved the ride and want me to give them a ride again.

I'm looking forward to it.