Lunch at the Diner

Root Beer Milkshake
dwm photo
My favorite meal out these days is breakfast, even it's simple, like oatmeal - toast -  and chocolate milk.

Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to go back to our local breakfast diner for lunch, and it was good!

It was filling (maybe too filling) and real good.

Gus's Diner has a nice selection of for lunch or dinner.

Since Gus opened their doors in early May I've been looking forward to trying out a classic diner meal.

A Root Beer shake, chicken noodle soup, and a grilled chicken sandwich with Bar-b-que sauce.

Chicken Noodle Soup
dwm photo
It was an excellent sign to smell, see, and taste what I'd bet is homemade soup with a light, but hearty flavor and delicious noodles.

The shake arrived before the soup. I'm glad it came early, since with a tin half full with more shake, it was going to be part of my whole meal.

I'd describe the taste like a Root Beer float with all the ice cream you'd want in the glass.  Awesome.

Grilled Chicken & fries
dwm photo
I decided to wait for a future visit to try out Gus's Old Fashioned Burger and opted for the grilled chicken instead.  Even with the sauce, it wasn't too messy, has great flavor, and filling.

Gus's Diner is a cozy restaurant with eight stools at the counter and room for maybe 80 more guests.

It feels like this new diner is quickly becoming a favorite of locals and guests, especially those families in town for one of the many tournaments going on each weekend.

I'll meet you for lunch!