June Gales

State Street stretches to the Capitol
dwm photo
My bike blogs through the years include a lot of comments about something unseen.


Jet streams brought a lot of hot air to Wisconsin this weekend and its settled in for a long stay.

Winds blew from the south at a steady 15 - 25 miles an hour all day with stronger gusts.  You can't do anything about it, unless you convince someone to pick you up so you can ride with the wind at your back the whole time.

Since that wasn't an option, I got the full breeze experience.

The strong winds meant lots of things were in the air, like sand, so I adjusted the route to stay clear of those spots.

The wind pushing me along, I made good time in to the heart of the city at the west end of State Street at the foot of Bascom Hill.  The long clear shot back to Wisconsin's Capitol is a beautiful spot and ties the flagship university to the seat of government.

Strong winds evident on Lake Mendota
dwm photo
From campus I rode up State Street to Johnson Street where the one-way street took me to Maple Bluff.

Maple Bluff is home to the Governor's Mansion and many of the cities most expensive homes.

A beach sits near the community's golf course and the wind announced itself.  Dramatically, as it pushed me off kilter, forcing me to quickly regain my balance.

It also meant the ride was going to include more work.

Look closely to see 3 Sandhill Crane.
The pair's young is right of the bird on the left.
dwm photo
Twenty miles had the wind at my back.  Then it felt like I was riding uphill, even on a long stretch of flat pavement.

Frankly, I needed the work and started feeling the quad muscles firing as I worked against the headwinds.

A Sandhill Crane family about 20 feet off the road gave me a reason to pause and observe.

Then it was back on the bike, across the north side of Lake Mendota and hugging the western shore back to Middleton where I grabbed a bite to eat.

A couple route adjustments later and another 37 mile ride was in the books - a good workout on a windy, hot, and sunny day.