Billy visits Packerland

Released 1977 by Billy Joel
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I didn't know much music growing up.  I listened to the local AM radio station at night while reading and paid attention to the sports play by play on the radio.

Then Andy introduced me to Billy Joel.

Well, he didn't so much introduce me to Billy Joel as I saw the album near the stereo in his bedroom.  It drew me in with its somewhat weird, strange, image.

I was just 14 when the album came out, and I'm willing to bet I'd never heard a Billy Joel song until Andy played some of it on the turntable.

Movin' Out.
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.
Just the Way You Are.
She's Always a Woman.
Only the Good Die Young.

I liked it.

I'm not sure why, although I'm sure the fact my friend Andy liked it had a lot to do with it.  He played quite a few albums by Fleetwood Mac, and they remain one of my favorite bands.

According to Wikipedia, Billy Joel is now 68.  We're both 40 years older when his album dropped.

From the first taste of Joel's music I became a fan, seeking out his music and ordering albums of his through Columbia Music.

I never saw perform live in concert.  Until tonight.

He is on tour again, cleverly titled "Billy Joel in Concert."  It started in Australia in January, 2014 and wraps up in December.

Tonight, he takes the stage in Lambeau Field.  I got tickets when they went on sale February 10, but I've really been waiting longer, a lot longer, like 40 years.

I can't wait.