What is it?

Tree Swallows at home
dwm photo
It's another first on my personal bird list, the Tree Swallow.

It was easy to confuse with the Bluebird, since the Tree Swallow shares its taste in housing and location.

Apparently the Tree Swallow is "widespread and common" according to the Audubon's online Bird guide.

Maybe, but I've never seen them close enough to identify them.  It's breeding season, and this pair sent clear signals they didn't want me getting closer than 20 feet.

On the Lookout
dwm photo
Juking and jiving in the air is their thing since they primarily eat flying insects.  It was fun watching them do their aerobatic ballet around the house.

Tree Swallows are migratory birds.  For  them this part of Wisconsin is the south end of the summer stomping, er, soaring grounds.

They eat mostly flying insects, so just think how many annoying bugs there would be without them!

I'm home!
dwm photo
This bird is the fourth new one I've seen this year.

Added to my list of flying creatures: the Black Throated Blue Warbler, the Great Horned Owl, a Screech Owl, and now the Tree Swallow.

I can't identify a lot of birds, so adding four to my internal hard drive is fun.

I wonder what bird might be next?