Something's Brewing!

Orlando Arcia scores for the Crew.
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Milwaukee's Brewers are off to start no one could have predicted. Four games above .500 (the first time since the end of the 2014 season) and playing with a sense of joy and purpose which hasn't been on display much lately.

Just listen to sports talk radio these days in Wisconsin and some talk hosts and callers are using the 'p' word, as in playoffs.

Hold on, Nellie.  I don't think this is a playoff team.  The W's are a happy result, but right now the wins are confirmation the team is growing the right direction.

It also means General Manager David Stearns has an eye for talent. Its on display with the signing of a slugging superstar who played in South Korea the past three years and trading for a spurned prospect on the Boston Red Sox.

The Brewers are a fun team to watch.  They are among the leaders in runs scored and are getting runs across in the first team better than any team in the majors.

First pitch - May 13, 2017
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Management has a long range plan aimed at reaching those playoffs and contending for a World Series title.  If everything goes well, the teams of 2019 and 2020 might be in that company.

Just 35 years ago, the Brewers were in the World Series, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games.  (If you weren't around or remember Milwaukee playing in the American League, that's the reason they played a team which is now a division rival.)

I don't remember much of that series because I was in college.  As hard as it is to believe in today's world, most kids didn't have a TV in their dorm room, so we shared a community set in a large room downstairs.

Brewers 11 Mets 4
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Some fans on the radio hope the G.M. will trade for a top-line starting pitcher before the trade deadline.

The rest of us hope to see a team improve on defense; get consistent starts from its starting rotation; and develop more players in the minor leagues.

A lot of those Brewers being counted on for runs to the playoffs aren't on the team yet.

It will be amazing to see Milwaukee back on the main stage; and the journey toward the goal is a big part of what's brewing in Suds City. Go Brewers!