Ride to Missouri

The Missouri Tavern
North end of the ride
dwm photo
It seems a little strange to admit this, but since that amazing and unusual February day when I got out, I hadn't take a spin on the recumbent until yesterday!

There has been a lot of rain and on some of the better days, I had other things on the schedule.  I've ridden to work a few times, but that's not the same.

Thanks to the new breakfast spot in town, I pedaled over to Gus's Diner for a morning fill-up and set out in search of new things and get a little bike conditioning.

My ride Saturday morning was mostly north and south.  First on the Ice Age Junction Trail out of Verona, then on some of the many short trails around Middleton, and then an unnamed bike path along U.S. 12.
Great Blue Heron at
Tiedeman's Pond.
dwm photo

Just one really weird car encounter on this ride.  Heading north on Gammon where it is four lanes north of Mineral Point Road, I'm near the curb heading north.  I see a SUV make a left turn to go my direction.  At first, it appears the driver will get into the inside north bound lane and all is good.

Then, the driver for some reason keeps drifting into my lane and getting close enough I yelled to make sure the driver knew I was there.  I'm not sure that helped either.  I slowed and the truck moved on and away, likely with no idea they were part of a close-call.

Where Madison meets the community of Middleton and Gammon becomes Park Street is natural area I've admired since moving here, but hadn't stopped until this ride.

Tideman's Pond is a Kettle left in the landscape by the glacier which covered Wisconsin.  It's an oasis for neighbors and wildlife.

Tiedeman's Pond, Middelton
dwm photo
It wasn't obvious how to reach the walk, so I crossed Gammon and maneuvered down an embankment with the bike.

It must be a good mile around the pond and a delightfully peaceful walk along a busy residential street.

On the east side of the pond, there were signs of fish creating nests for soon to arrive families. Seven species of  frogs and toads call it home.

It appeared to me, as I walked around it, a Great Blue Heron is the unquestioned monarch.

I did see a Monarch on the north side of the pond, but he seemed to be in a rush.

The Heron was kind enough to allow me an audience and a photo opportunity.  My bike bag won't hold the longer lens, so the above right photo is the best I could do.

Looking south on the trail
dwm photo
From there I explored some of Middleton's bike links.  It's a series of bike paths designed to help people to navigate the city safely to a variety of stores, work-places, and recreation spots.  For me, it was a neat way to see some spots of Middleton which otherwise would be tucked out of view most of the time.

A promising path north will eventually link Madison and Middleton to Prairie du Sac and Sauk City on the north side of the Wisconsin River.  There are only a couple gaps left to complete.

There is even a bike bridge in place over the highway, but it doesn't seem to be connected to path at either end.

Someday, that will be a fun ride, too!

From Missouri (tavern), it was back south to Verona and a stop at the Atkins Bike Shop to get a new bike computer battery and trail pass.  37 miles on a gorgeous spring day - nicer even than Feb 19!