Poaching Trees

Paper Birch
dwm photo
White Birch trees are some of the pretties in the forests and marshlands of Wisconsin.

They might be too pretty.

There are recent reports of people poaching the popular trees for, get this, interior decoration.

It seems the natural white bark and slender limbs are so attractive to look at there is a market for tree trunks and branches.
Birch Tree
dwm photo

These aren't being sold by tree farmers, it seems to be folks parking along deserted roads and entering private land or parks to harvest and sell.

Sadly, it's taking down thousands of trees.

The thieves are stealing from landowners and from each of us when they get pilfered from public forests.

dwm photo
As owners head back north to open their cabins for the season, it's likely more clear-cut land will be discovered.

Legitimate dealers know where the branches come from, so don't be afraid to ask questions.

Better yet, buy a photo and leave the trees.