Park on the Lake

North Point Lighthouse - Lake Park, Milwaukee
dwm photo
It is one of the most beautiful parks in Wisconsin; perched above Lake Michigan and home to the North Point Lighthouse.

Frederick Law Olmsted fit the park to the contours of the land in the late 19th century. It's been a city park since the beginning and offers a calming natural environment for city folk.

The park is quiet.  It's a place of natural beauty. A place for picnics and throwing a Frisbee.

138 acres of prime real estate smart city leaders preserved for generations to come.

One of Eight Stone Lions in the park
dwm photo
The park stretches south along the lake all the way to the Milwaukee Art Museum, a city treasure in its own right.

Where it hugs the lake, there are more things to do.  A beach and marina with boats to rent.

The north section was new to me and as much fun to discover as the majestic Lighthouse.

There is even a white table cloth French Bistro - Bartolotta's.

One of two bridges over deep ravines
dwm photo
Because of the lake and its cooling affect during the hot days of summer, Lake Park becomes an oasis for hot and weary Milwaukee residents.

It gets some warming effect in the late days of fall, but once winter rolls in, it can be really cool by the lake as east winds blow.

Once on the park's ground, it is easy to forget there is a large city around you.

And, when you stop and think about it... isn't that what a park is really all about?