Natural Art

Art is Sprung
dwm photo
There are special things in bloom right now at the University of Wisconsin Arboretum.  In seven days, they will vanish.

It's SPRUNG.  A collection of outdoor sculpture by UW Art students on display seven more days in the Longenecker Horticultural garden.

The idea was to build a one of a kind piece which intertwines the art, the land, and the environment.

There are whimsical pieces, like the bird swing in the tree (below).

No Gilded cage
dwm photo
The blossoming trees (above) might make visitors hungry for an ice cream cone.

I like the juxtaposition.

Walk the grounds, one second there are trees loaded with flowers, the next reveals a cracked egg nesting.

I wonder what was inside
dwm photo
The art was unexpected and a delightful surprise.

Similar to the Lilacs, the art won't last.

While the "Arb" will continue its natural art, the spring's SPRUNG unwinds on the 18th.