Mother's Day

The idea of celebrating mothers with their own day started in the 19th Century, when roughly 30% of babies born didn't live to see their first birthday.

Childbirth was even less of a picnic then than it is now and many moms didn't survive it.

Moms today face their own sets of hardships and pain.  There is different stuff to worry moms today, but I suspect the basics of motherhood are essentially the same across the ages.

Jumping across the pages of history, mothers are at the heart of the home. It is likely a confluence of nurture and nature.

Mom grew up on a farm in northwest Minnesota.  She gathered eggs and her Dad trusted her to drive their team of draft horses.  She told me there wasn't time for much fun on the farm, but there was always work to do.

It's the kind of life that makes a kid grow up fast and able to take care of themselves.  When the family moved to central Illinois, life changed pretty drastically.

One story she told me was of a time at school when she saw two girls harassing a younger girl.  She stood up for the victim and gave the bullies a warning she backed up.

I never really saw that side of her, but I did know she wasn't to be messed with either.

Mom was firm.  She took care of me on the rare occasion when I was sick in bed and missing school. A favorite memory of those days were the warm buttered toast with cinnamon and sugar... hmmm, good.

Another treat at home I remember well was on evenings while frying hamburgers in the skillet, after word she would take some slices of white bread and soak up the hamburger grease in the pan.  Then top it with sugar.  It tasted great!

It's been a long, long time since I've had one of those creations.  I doubt any dietitian would recommend it either.   Much later I thought it was probably a rate treat she and her older brother had on the farm.

As you celebrate your mom; or are celebrated today yourself... take a few moments to trace the line of mothers in your family.  Mom.  Grandma.  Great-Grandma.

Thank you, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day!