Gus's Diner

Strawberries & French Toast
dwm photo
There are a lot of things I really like about Verona.

Only one thing was missing from the landscape, a cafe or diner for breakfast.

Previously, the closest place to it was a neighborhood bar and grill which served breakfast on the weekend.  Monte's was fine, but it wasn't the place I was hoping to find.

My hope was fulfilled this past week with the opening of Gus's Diner.
Juke box in every booth
dwm photo

Just their second location (the first locally owned (by Gus)) after the original in Sun Prairie.

There's a 1950s and "Great American Road Trip" vibe to the place.  It looks, feels, and tastes the part.  Counter seats.  Booths with Juke boxes to play tunes.  Vintage pop culture icons and memorabilia.

I ordered a classic breakfast, then added fresh strawberries for a splash of fresh flavor.

It was good from the first bite to the last.  The lightness of the bread brought to life by the juice of the berries.

Second location
dwm photo
The place is only seven days old, but it seems to be on its way to neighborhood cafe.  Several folks in nearby seats were already there for the second time in six days.

While the diner isn't made from a classic railroad dining car, it does share the look.

I'm looking forward to stopping again for lunch and dinner, and expect to become a breakfast regular.

Take the Main Street exit from U.S. 151, you'll find Gus's on Verona's east side between Farm & Fleet and Pizza Ranch.

You'll be glad you stopped in for a classic diner experience.