Fun at the Ballpark

Bobblehead "Jedi" Keon Broxton
dwm photo
On May the 4th (be with you); I received an email promotion from the Milwaukee Brewers.

For just $19.77 (strange price, don't you think?); I could buy a ticket to an upcoming Saturday night ball game and the special theme night package of fun, including a special Bobblehead doll with a ballplayer depicted in a special costume and holding a unique weapon.

It was for Star Wars night.  The price matched the year the first movie, now known as episode IV, was released.  The ticket came with a voucher redeemable for Bobblehead Centerfielder Keon Broxton depicted as a Jedi Knight and wielding a light saber.

Sign me up!

I thought I qualified as a fan of the Star Wars series.  I've seen each movie and feel like I know the story.

Then I sat near a guy who knows it all maybe too well.

A Scout Trooper at the game.
dwm photo
This guy recognized slight differences in protective gear worn by those protecting the Empire and what that meant about their rank and role.  I missed those details, but didn't realize my lack of knowledge until then.

When I saw the menacing looking character carrying a long gun onto Bernie Brewer's terrace, I thought he was a Storm Trooper - the corps of soldiers serving under Darth Vader.

Actually, this guy seems to be a Scout Trooper according to Wookiepedia (really, it's a thing).  They provide long range fire to provide cover for the Storm Troopers.

Thankfully, other parts of Star Wars Theme Night were less taxing.

#21 Travis Shawbacca
dwm scoreboard photo
Brewer players were in on the act with character names bestowed upon them.  Travis Shaw became Shawbacca - a smaller brother of Chewbacca, Han Solo's first mate Wookie on the Millenium Falcon.

Shaw was the Wookie for the job as he hit a three-run homer in an 8 run fifth inning which blasted the Brew Crew into hyper drive and the lead.

There were multiple fans with the Princess Leia hair buns; others in Jedi gear; miniature Yoda; and a Wisconsin-flavored Star Wars shirt which read "I find your lack of beer disturbing."  (Sounds like something a thirsty Darth Vadar might say.)

It was a fun night at Miller Park.  We took pictures with Vadar and a Storm Trooper.  There was a Wampa (a predatory beast native to the ice planet Hoth in the Star Wars universe), but it was so scary we didn't want to get too close!

A spectacular 15 minute laser and
fireworks show capped off the night.
dwm photo
The Laser and Fireworks show after the game incorporated the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars film and then re-told parts of episodes IV, V, and VI in a Brewers universe.

It was an amazing show which held its audience attention with the rapid moving tale of loss, tragedy, and ultimately triumph.

And, since the Rebel Brewers beat the Empire's Mets... it felt like a moment of cinematic baseball reality.