88 Days Away

Spin the wheel, win a prize
dwm photo
You know your affection for Cream Puffs is serious when you know the Wisconsin State Fair opens in 88 days.

This last Wednesday, we attended the Pre-Fair on the grounds of the big event.

It was our first time for such a thing, and it felt like it may have been the first time for the Pre-Fair itself.

There were things to improve, but it was a fun evening.

There were games to play at no charge.

Fried Mac & Cheese
dwm photo
There were buffet tables of fair food.  Mac and Cheese deep fried bites, for example, and let me admit they were much tastier and appealing than I expected!  They truly are not just for breakfast anymore.

At the Flippin' Frog game, the Plinko, and Ring Toss - I only got the consolation prize - a promotional Fair magnet.

Then, at the Spin the Wheel, I yanked the wheel so it spun and spun. When it stopped, it rested on the spot marked "Free Ticket!"

Yay!  We came with two extra tickets for this year's fair.

The Corn Dogs were real good too!

Corn Dog
dwm photo
With all the fun and food, there was a short program to whet our appetite for State Fair.

That came with a presentation by the Fair's Director who unveiled a new attraction for the 125th version of State Fair on the land in West Allis.

The Wonderwheel.

The largest traveling Ferris wheel in the world.

165 fee tall and 80 feet wide.

36 gondolas able to hold 6 people each for a 10 minute circuit.

Poster of the Wonderwheel
dwm photo
It will stand on the west side of the grounds next to 84th Street.  Stand is right, essentially 16 stories above the fair.

Rides aren't my thing, but this looks cool and I'm thinking what kind of views there are up there and what pictures await.

It's likely the reason the fair is #wonderfair as in "It's a wonderfair time of the year."

A major reason the fair is a long time family tradition are all the standard, tried and true attractions: the Cream Puff; the Horticulture Building; Hot Baked Potatoes; the Sky Glider; and the Giant Slide to name a few.

What these fair favorites have in common with the great wheel is they all were new once.

I suspect the Wonderwheel is poised to join them.