Zoo Candids

Drying off after a dip.
dwm photo
Madison's Henry Vilas Zoo is a wonderful treasure... for school children; for families; and for the community.

Jewels like the zoo are great places to take pictures.

There are the animals, of course. I have no idea what they might do or how active they might be.  And there's no telling until I get home how the picture might turn out.

The screen on the back of the camera is a couple of inches, which meant I could only notice a little haze around the Polar Bear.

The awkward moment when you realize someone else
is wearing the same thing.   dwm photo
Thankfully, I got lucky and it turned out to be good shot.

It was a touch on the cool side during our zoo visit, which could explain the active animals.

The Polar Bears were walking around their habitat.  A lot of kids and parents were crowded against the glass for a closer look.

I was hoping for something when I noticed the Bear focusing its attention on a young boy in a stroller eating an ice cream cone.  The Bear looked jealous... and hungry. (below)

I think the bear sees ice cream. (partly hidden)
dwm photo
Penguins are photogenic, probably they always look so well-dressed.  These two chaps (above) seem to be talking about something.

Squeeze off lots of shots while walking around, pausing and waiting, and you never know what might snap into view.

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