Walk-Off Win & Forecast

Ryan Braun celebrates after scoring the winning run.
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It's going to be another season of growing and growing pains for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Last Friday was our first of four games we plan to attend and we're undefeated so far (hint to the Brewers)!

It was a great night at the ball park.

While baseball should be played, under almost all circumstances, under God's sky... there are evenings like April 7 where the option of closing the roof and huge window is a good thing.

Milwaukee is in their third season of a re-building program.

Two of the thousands of Cub fans on hand
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The only player on the team more than two seasons is 10 year veteran, Ryan Braun. Circumstances make it likely he'll finish his career with the Brew Crew, and to his credit he's embracing his role as mentor.

One thing which stood out as the various players came to the plate and their brief biography appeared on the large scoreboard screen were the ages of the players.

Virtually all of them are younger than our youngest son.  The manager, heck the General Manager too, is even younger than me!

There's a lot of up and coming talent on the Brewers with some prime prospects down in the minors.

Milwaukee's biggest question mark right now hovers over the starting pitchers.  If they can deliver consistent starts, throw at least five or six innings every time out, and keep the opposition from getting home... this team has a chance to win as many as it loses.

Just 90 miles or so north of Chicago, Friday night was treated as a preview of the home-opener by Cub fans.  Chants of "Let's Go, Cub-bies," echoed around Miller Park anytime one of their guys did anything good.

I suppose since none of these fans were around the last time their team won a World Series it's appropriate to overlook mildly obnoxious behavior in their zeal for the little bears.

Jimmy Nelson in his first start of 2017
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Let me be clear, though, it was nice those furry critters home crying Friday night.  And since all those Chicago dollars will help out the Brewers future, I'm guessing management it happy to see the big crowds, no matter what jersey they wear.  One usher told me I was among the first Brewer fans he saw after the gates opened.

You won't see these Brewers in the 2017 National League playoffs without some major-league miracle.  I expect to see improvement from individual players and growth as a team.

Like most members of the True Blue Brew Crew, I want to see this team grow up and grow together with some indications of better seasons to come.  Last year's squad won 73 games.  Some experts predict 100 losses, but my forecast calls for 70 wins and hints of better days... making it easier to wait for next year.