Walk Around

Walking around a pond near Verona
dwm photo
I haven't written about a wacky day in quite a long time.

However, today is dubbed "Walk Around Things" Day, among other things.

The holiday site indicates we should use today to walk around problems and risks.

Coincidentally, it's also Election Day here in Wisconsin.

I think walking around an election is the last thing we should do.  It's an opportunity to express our opinion.  A time to stand up and be counted.

Spring elections aren't usually very exciting.  Statewide, we're selecting a new State Superintendent of Schools and a Supreme Court Justice.

The State Superintendent sounds like a big job.  However, the "super" relies on the Governor and Legislature to provide funding, so frankly it seems pretty ceremonial.

Verona voters are deciding a referendum to build a new high school; remodel the current one into a new middle school; and turn the current middle school into a new elementary school.  While no one usually raises their hand asking if they can pay more in property taxes; the city's rapidly growing population seems to make the decision obvious.

The election results will indicate whether people decide to walk around the issue or wade right in.