Tax Time

Daffodils in bloom earlier this week
dwm photo
Most years today is the deadline to file our taxes here in the United States.

Just every five to seven years, we get some extra time to complete the work (or have our tax people wrap it up).  This year's deadline is Tuesday, April 18.  Corrected 4/15/17 after learning a District of Columbia holiday closes the IRS on 4/17.

It's been a while since I filed our return this late.  It was when I had my own business and needed to send a check along with the return.

When that happens it doesn't make sense to drop it in the mailbox early.

While it seems like a favorite national past time to complain about paying taxes; a way to lessen that pain is to consider all the blessings associated with tax time.

Subtract all that income and we don't have to pay taxes.... hmm, Our jobs and regular paydays are something for which we should give thanks.

If there are dependents claimed on our 1040s (or used to be); that's another round of gratitude.

Think about the charities you supported last year; the business expenses; the cost of health care - all identify blessings in our lives.

An attitude of gratitude won't remove all the pain from Tax Day, but I know it changes the way I look at it.