Patriots Day

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I can't completely explain the connection, other than to say via the VUDU app, we watched Patriots Day a couple evenings back.

It's the cinematic story of the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

It's excellent and worth your time.

I'd describe it as a no-holds barred telling of one traumatic day in our country's history and Boston's response.

My first reaction was surprise to learn this tragedy was only 4 years ago.  It seems longer to me.  Perhaps because, unfortunately, there have been too many traumatic events.

John Goodman and Mark Wahlberg lead a stellar cast as members of the Boston P.D. fighting on the front lines.  It's told in a documentary fashion, we meet the primary characters in the day or two before April 15, 2013.

We find the Tsarnaev brothers in their home.  We meet the young man who gets carjacked by the brothers sensing his fear and ultimate bravery in a life-threatening situation.  Most poignantly, we meet some of the victims before their lives change.

This is a strong movie with difficult moments with a few light times sprinkled in along the way.

At the end, the hopeful message isn't about the end of bad days, but the ability to get back up when we fall.

See Patriots Day.