Food at Third Base

Miller Park   April 7, 2017
dwm photo
While the Milwaukee Brewers continue to makeover the team on the field, there was a huge investment off the field.

More than $20 million dollars was spent on concessions and concession stands; the biggest investment into Miller Park since it was built 15 years ago.

Joking about ballpark food or griping about prices for a captive audience are as old the games themselves.

Before our recent trip to the park, I read with interest the planned improvements and upgrades and it seemed impressive. The articles couldn't describe the value as well, since that's a moving target.

For a field with the name of the city's largest breweries on it; it's a pleasant surprise to see a diverse offering of craft beers.

There are hot dogs, peanuts, and Cracker Jack.

There are salads.  Tacos.  Old Fashioned (a particular favorite in Wisconsin).
Fans pass in front of a large bar.
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Along the two baselines, but in the concourse are food courts, appropriately named First/Third Base Ward.

Big block letters let you know what kind of food each offers: Burgers, BBQ, Custard (Frozen), Mac & Cheese, Sandwiches, Pizza, and Sausages (Brats, Hot Dogs, Italian, Polish, and Chorizo).

Each food stand has a local flavor.  We checked out the AJ Bomber's Burgers stand and decided to split the Chicken Tender option.  (No, there wasn't any Chicken stand!)

Note the Sausage stand
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The Tenders and Tots (potato, not children) were filling and enough for two to share.  For $7.50 at a game, it also felt like a reasonable price.

Later, there was a tasty mix of popcorn (cheese, carmel, and regular) which lasted for several innings.

AJ Bomber's Tenders & Tots
dwm photo
I like the signage - it prevents standing on line a while before discovering the food you came for isn't available at this particular stand.

The changes seemed to be well-received.

One fan, wearing a Chi-town jersey and cap, made regular trips each inning from his seat to come back with either food or beverage.

I'll give it a slightly greasy thumbs-up (from a Tender or Tot) and congrats on a job well-done to the Brewers for this fine addition to the ol' ballgame!