Day-trips & long weekends

Oak leaf, April, 2017
dwm photo
I'm a big fan of long weekends.

The extra day at the end of the week makes the work week go fast.

The extra day of the weekend provides extra moments to breathe, relax, and do something extra before Monday morning.

Mondays and rainy days get a bad rap as downers.

Just insert an additional day to the weekend, though, and I think the accompanying bounce in my step overcomes the most manic Monday.

As a pretty dramatic change of pace, this weekend and the next two come with additional 24 hour blocks of time.  Depending on the weather, there might be opportunities to get on my bike, workout longer, take a trip (far enough to be special, close enough so its no hassle), or do nothing.

There's a lot to be said for unaccounted time during a weekend.  It's time to finish this long book I'm reading.  It's time to develop future blog topics.

Maybe, its time for a nap, too!