Sampling the Badger Club Amber
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Wisconsin was settled by a lot of Europeans from Germany who brought their techniques for brewing right along from the old country.

Many communities have as many bars as churches along the streets of town.  In early state history, breweries were ubiquitous across the state.  After a decline of small town brewing, they are back.  The state Brewers guild registered 110 last year.

Just in my city of Verona (pop. 10,610 at the last census), there are three craft breweries.

Wisconsin Brewing Company brews 24 beers, some seasonal and many year-round.

Beer #001 is reformulated and lives now as the Badger Club Amber.

It's a flavorful brew.  Nothing complicated, just what you want at a gathering or with a good meal.

Wisconsin Brewing Co., Verona, WI
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One cool thing about Wisconsin Brewing is a partnership with the University of Wisconsin's Agricultural and Life Sciences College and it's brewing classes.  The first year yielded Inaugural Red.

Craft breweries and Brew-pubs come in a variety of sizes.  New Glarus Brewing Company, famous for its Spotted Cow Beer, isn't Miller-Coors or Budweiser, but it's very good sized.  Other craft beer makers produce a barrel or less each week (a half-barrel is 15.5 gallons).

Like the "eat local" movement and increasing popularity of farm markets, craft beers are benefiting from consumers wanting to patronize the local brewmaster's products.
Badger Club Amber
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You pay a little more for a craft product, but it feels worth it for the closer connection to the cold brew in your hand.

The UW and WBC connection continues for a second year.

Six teams from the class worked to create a classic American Wheat Ale.

The product gets its name from a popular Neil Diamond song that's a staple at Badger football game, "S'Wheat Caroline."

I brought a six pack home from the local brewery, I hope it's "So good, so good, so good!"