Trees on Ice

Frozen trees - Oakhill Cemetery
2/252017  dwm photo
Last weekend we had rain and dropping temperatures which conspired to drape each tree for miles with a gentle coating of ice.

Continued cold weather combined with brilliant sunshine created a crystal light show.

My challenge was to see if it was possible to capture the beauty with a camera.

Judging by the shots I tried while pulled off County M east of Verona, I'd say it was a marginally successful attempt.

The pictures can't capture the visual beauty created by light and a little frozen water.

dwm photo
Trees across the hills and valleys looked to be injected with LED light.

Thankfully, this ice was a light coat which kept broken branches and related damage to a minimum.

As I write this, a thunderstorm is passing through town with rolling peals of thunder and bright flashes of lightning.

dwm photo
It continues to be a winter for the record books.

Yesterday it snowed, covering exposed grass and those formerly ice-covered branches in white.

It seems like our wild canvas is ever-changing with a wide variety of color, temps, and precipitation.

I can't imagine the winter weather waiting in the wings.