The Middle Season

Daffodils  Nashville, IN  3/30/2009
dwm photo
We don't have any flowers like these (left) yet around Madison.

You can find some Snow Drops and some Crocus, but that's about it.

We are in that middle season right now - not winter, not quite spring.

So we wait for the flowers and the trees to put on a spring show.

Most of us already moved on mentally to spring.

Just watch and listen to your friends and neighbors if we get another cold spell.  Hold on tight if we get a final fling of snow!

Those perennials I planted last October have sent some leaves tentatively above ground.  I'm curious to see what these flowers look like, mostly because I don't remember what bulbs I put underground.

In the middle season, I might keep a warm coat handy but stop wearing gloves and a wool hat.

In the middle, I hope the windshield wipers will take care of any frost hampering my view.

But most of my time in the middle is spent waiting for the real deal of spring to be on display.