Quick Change

Sunday 4:30pm
dwm photo
It's been a warm six weeks or so... warm enough for bike rides and leaving the coat home when heading to work.

My personal Doppler device figured winter wasn't finished with us yet.

Judging by the last couple weeks, though, I wasn't sure if we'd get at least one final round of white.

Monday, 5:00pm
dwm photo
Last Friday's forecast included a possibility of snow starting late Sunday evening.

The big scary weather predictors warned us it could be 4 - 6" deep around Madison.

Late Monday evening, those predictors expect the snow to move past us tonight.

Unless it snows a bunch soon, our part of Madison won't see 6" of snow out of this storm.

And with a long-range prediction of upper 40s later this week, this snow will melt soon... leaving me to wonder if there is one more storm yet to come.