Broken Brackets

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For the first two rounds of this year's basketball college hoops mania, I felt pretty good about my picks.

I went 13 - 3 on Thursday, 12 - 4 Friday.

After the second round, I had only 9 of the Sweet Sixteen, however, seven of my Elite Eight picks were still alive and all Final Four teams.

Then came the Regional Finals.  The Elite Eight, as the NCAA calls it.

I ain't elite.

Gonzaga, Kansas, and Oregon were the only ones from my bracket still alive at that point.

Oregon took out Kansas, who I had in the championship game.

I guess the consolation prize is I still have Gonzaga's Bulldogs cutting down the nets.  However, I was wrong on the other three final contestants.

Which I believe means I busted, like everybody else.

After watching as much as I could the last two weekends, here's my Final Four-cast:

Gonzaga over South Carolina.

Oregon beats North Carolina.

And I'll stick with my original title pick... 

April 3, the Bulldogs beat the Ducks.