The Big Game

It's the Big Day.

We get to see all those new-fangled commercials and a Lady Gaga halftime show.

I can't admit to being gaga over her music, but she made the right decision to ditch the masks she used to wear.  She has a nice voice and is top talent.  And I'm guessing Up With People and Barry Manilow just weren't available.

Budweiser, Dorito's, Pepsi, and Snickers have a lot riding on today's game.  A 30 second spot costs upwards of $5 million, so I trust you will pay close attention.

Once you get past the stuff most of America will be watching you might even check out the game.

Atlanta Falcons versus New England Patriots in Super Bowl 51.

New England has four Vince Lombardi trophies.  Atlanta none.

Other than the northeast section of the country, I suspect the rest of the nation will be pulling for the Birds.

Unless it's your team dominating, most of us like to root for the underdog or the Cinderella.

Atlanta hasn't won a Super Bowl, losing in their only appearance in 1999.  Just last year they won as many as they lost.  This year 11 -  5 and they took down my Green Bay Packers for the right to play tonight.

The betting line picks the Patriots by a field goal.

Packer fans watched as Atlanta ran and passed through, over, and around their favorite team for a convincing victory.  The Falcons have a solid running game, a very good quarterback (Matt Ryan), and what looks like an improving defense.

New England has experience and one of the best QBs of all time plus a coach who might rival the coach named on the trophy as the best ever.

I can see more ways for Atlanta to win than the Patriots.

My last football fearless forecast... Falcons 34, New England 30.

Just in case I'm wrong, I'm also picking either the Dorito's or Budweiser ad to be chosen best ad of the game.