Loved or Lost?

Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have 
loved at all.
From the poem "In Memoriam A.H.H." by 
Alfred Lord Tennyson

Strangely enough, Lord Tennyson's phrase was the focus of debate Tuesday morning on ESPN radio's Mike & Mike program.

They were discussing Super Bowl and whether it's better to lose a gut punch of a game like the Falcons did or not make it at all.

"Tis better to play in the big game and lose in overtime than to never have played in the Super Bowl."

Is it?

It's an easier concept to consider in terms of winning a game.  

If, by some unlikely cavalcade of events, I won a one-on-one basketball tournament semi-final to reach the championship game then lost on a last second shot... I think at my advanced age I'd be able to live with the accomplishments realized in the journey.

Professional athletes are paid to win while leaving it all on the line.  But if in their struggle to the top they fall short, after the pain subsides a sense of accomplishment remains.

Is losing love better than never loving someone?

The gut-punched answer is yes.  We miss, mourn, and dream about a lost love.  If we don't find it again, the memory of the lovely ember brings a smile to our face  and warmth to our heart.

The answer is yes.