Happy Valentine's Day

Those little Valentine candy hearts are trying to be up with the times these days...

"BFF," "TTYL," and "LUV YOU" among other little messages in the candy dish in our house.

Apparently telling your valentine, "Take to you later" is an appropriate message.  Unless of course later is to allow you to scope out another potential Valentine!

Most celebrate today with our romantic love interest, or the person we hope will become our romantic valentine.

Just looking at today through that prism is a little confining.

The Greeks had four or six (depending on the internet source) words for love.  Love of all (agape), longstanding love (pragma), playful love (ludus), love of self (philautia), deep friendship love (philia - brotherly love), and romantic love (eros).

So feel free to wish the people in your life time a a Happy Valentine's Day, and if they ask - explain the kind of love you have for them.

This 2017 edition of Valentine's Day is certainly an occasion where we all need a bit more love.

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